With an early career focused on the digital world and animation, he soon discovered the pleasure of designing a book. At the same time he get fascinated by the possibilities of coding. He loves researching through design and experimenting with new techniques and methodologies. He understands design not only as an aesthetic result but also as a value in itself that speaks and communicates and as a process that is capable of solving complex problems, help people, innovate and create knowledge.

This global approach makes that he can be considered an hybrid designer, although he is focus on building visual identities and digital experiences. He is concern about building new languages and developing meaningful brands and products, not just about creating a new brand or a new product. He has worked for all kind of clients across a wide range of disciplines, like art direction, visual identity, interaction design, web and printed design and other kind of contemporary communication.

Distilling ideas to its essence in order to communicate the message in the clearest form possible, he thinks that design sometimes has to be visible and others, invisible, but the formal solution always has to be based on a solid concept and has to be develop with an user-centred approach.

Teacher of 3D Infographic at Esne. He also works as freelance art director and designer since 2014. He worked at underbau from 2016 to 2018 being involve on digital, editorial and artistic projects with clients like La Fábrica, Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España, Ediciones Anómalas and CNIO, among others. In 2016 he presented his master thesis inside the Master of Research in Art and Design at Eina, Barcelona. In 2015 he was graduated in Multimedia and Graphic Design at Esne, Madrid. He studied Architecture during two years at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It’s said that he also went to the school and to the kindergarten.


2015. Gold Laus.

SMAK. Web and digital media, students category.

2014. Feelmotion.

Sextation. Best animation short film.

Publications & mentions

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Espai Barra de Ferro, Barcelona.

Conferences & teaching

2017—2018. Teacher of 3D Infographic.

Multimedia and graphic design degree, Esne.

2017. Tribunal of Degree final project.

Multimedia and graphic design degree, Esne.

2014. E-commerce web design.

FikStores. Area 31, IE Business School.