Mobile banking

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I worked in Numbrs from 2018 to 2019 inside the Product and Design department. Here, I was part of the team responsible for the design of Numbrs mobile app. I took part in the redesign of some existing features and the conception of new ones, both on iOS and Android. In this period, I was also responsible for the design of the 2019’s new website.

Check the app in the App Store and Google Play.

This is a NDA protected project and more details can’t be provided.

Personal Learnings

I see my period at Numbrs as the period in which I became a mature and experienced designer. That doesn’t mean there are no more things to learn. It’s absolutely the opposite. From that period, every day I realise how much things I don’t know. The more things I learn, the more things I know I don’t know about everything. This problem was, in part, because of the not so easy thing that is designing a financial app, taking into account all the elements involved in it: users, laws, regulations or security among others. And that challenge made me understand that the best approach to a problem is realising you know almost nothing.

When I talk about maturity as designer, I’m talking about knowing how to work with a user-centric approach with every other member of the team —POs, developers, designers...— in a very sophisticated product that thousands of users use almost every day. I’m also talking about how to deliver the best experience possible to our users and about learning how much your decisions may affect everyone in the team and the final users.


During this period, Numbrs rumped up his rating in the App Store and Play Store from 4+ stars to 4.5+ stars and became the most downloaded financial app in Germany during some weeks. I’m proud of the team’s work and how it impacted to our users.